2014 Series: Utopia: Practical Notions || Redaction/Reduction || Simulacra || Subjective Machines
Solo Exhibit: Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed 
Group Shows: Lone Star State || Dallas Biennial 2014 || Installment || Body Politics ||
Culture Laboratory: Utopia: Can It Stay Dream? || Sphere
RJP Nomadic Gallery: CTRL+P
Projects: Venice Architecture Biennial, Redaction of Labor, Redaction of Labor II ||  Curator: Mute
Writing: Eutopia, Glasstire

Utopia: Practical Notions series draws from several sources, such as Thomas Moore’s “Utopia,” but most prominently from David Flynn’s interpretation of Isaac Newton’s religious codex on the temporal/spatial center of the world as the Dome of the Rock. The completed series involves several plans, fragments, and half-finished sculptures revealing an ever-shifting philosophy of Utopia as an attempt at perfection and the redaction of vital information as a means to occlude/protect the most valuable ideas.

Reduction/Redaction series: An investigation of materials and making methods utilizing one form- a redaction mark from the FBI’s file on Roswell’s UFO incident – the series considers the removal of information as a signature/mark that conveys information.

Simulacra series comes from questioning text as an informational delivery system and it’s ubiquity as a form of loss.

Subjective Machines is a series of works derived from modernism as a universal cult dedicated to an aesthetics of knowledge. Works are created for The Idyll (solo exhibit) pairing modernism’s faith in science with religion, stripping identity in favor of communality.

(Panels are wood, all text is painted acrylic with resin sanded to a matte-finish. Drawings are acrylic and black pigment on paper.)


Safe: Preverbal intimacy
“Safe: Preverbal intimacy”

Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed

December 20, 2013 – January 31, 2014
BLUEorange, Houston


Ryder "Texas: Stance of Contemplation"

Lone Star State

June 14, 2014
(curated by Nino Baumgartner and Karin Lehmann)
Olm Space, Neuchatel, Switzerland
[video, images & text]

striking skins 3 




1-I Could Love You Less
“I Could Love You Less: The Critical Self Consciousness of Hyper-modernity” _ temporary gallery space, light, art, 106″x126″x101″

Dallas Biennial 2014

April 12- May 2, 2014
Warehouse, 500 Singleton Blvd, Dallas [link]

Dallas Biennial 2014 venue featuring 20 international artists.
Margaret Meehan, Bjorn Ross, VIncent Ramos, Lucia Simek, Michelle Rawlings, Oliver Laric, Bradly Brown, Michael Wynne, Kristin Mariani, Darryl Lauster, Jeff Gibbons, Hannah Hudson, Ryder Richards, Shaun Leonardo, Michael Schmacke, Francisco Moreno, Alterazioni Video, Geraldine Gliubislavich, Karin Lehmann, Lou Mallozzi, Lana Paninchul and Bonny Poon. 



DB14 Panel Discussion
McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas [link]
May 3, 2014 @ 2PM
Moderator: Stephen Lapthisophon. Panelists: Darryl Lauster, Francisco Moreno, Michelle Rawlings, Ryder Richards, Lucia Simek, and Cauleen Smith



Brett Herron & Ryder Richards
Studio 2504, West Virginia University
May 5- June 5, 2014



Body Politics

Nomadic Gallery, Lubbock, Texas
October 3, 2014


Culture Laboratory
Utopia: Can It Stay Dream?

June 7- June 28, 2014
(curated by Brian R. Jobe and Ryder Richards)
Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee

Utopia:Binaural Purification

Ryder’s Piece: Utopia: Cyclic Hypnotic Binaural Closed-System Purification
5-gallon buckets, three ceramic purification filters, water pump, mood lights, video projection, speakers and amps, Gamma and Delta binaural sound _ 7′x3′x2′
[video & text]

Obligation [2014]

Culture Laboratory: Sphere

Aug 24- September 20, 2014
(curated by Jonathan Whitfill)
Studio 2504, Morgantown, WV
[video & text]


RJP Nomadic Gallery: CTRL+P

May 16 – August 24, 2014
(curated by Anna Walker)
Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design, Asheville, North Carolina




La Biennale di Venezia

May 16-June 8, 2014
Staff: US Architecture Pavilion, Store Front for Art and Architecture‘s OfficeUS, Venice, Italy


Redaction of Labor 

1 pint of high gain metallic paint ($300), 1 gallon of white acrylic ($50), and one day of labor.
Labor for OfficeUS, Storefront for Art and Architecture,
La Biennale di Venezia 2014, Venice, Italy.
[video documentation]


Redaction of Labor II

2×4’s, sheetrock, plaster, “home depot orange” paint, white acrylic paint, labor
Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee
July 1-4, 2014


Lucia Simek


February 22- March 29, 2014
artists: John Frost, Jesse Morgan Barnett, Michael Mazurek, Colby Parsons, and Lucia Simek
Circuit 12, Dallas


Eutopia: Contemporary art reviews

est. February 2014_ founder, editor and contributor
Reviews by Ryder:

  • Apohenia Underground
  • Diego Leclery
  • Beth Cavener
  • Lucia Simek
  • Brandon Kennedy
  • David Johnson
  • Ian F. Thomas
  • Marjorie Schwarz
  • Rem Koolhass & AMO, Venice Bienale
  • The Urburb, Venice Bienale
  • Eric Heist





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