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Culture Laboratory: Translatory Motion | | An Investigation of Extraterrestrial Issues for the Uninitiated || Flow
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Conflicted Series



Conflicted series considers ideas of the American West using the form of Italian Renaissance propaganda art: the prominence of flat construction/signage as signifier, cultural violence, and  Giambolgna’s Rape of the Sabine and Centaur and Nessus as public art in Florence.

Deposition series


Deposition series developed from a pieta painting by Bouguereau  and further abstracting the implied content.

2013 Installations in The Cube



The Cube was a 10’x10’x10′ gallery space in which art world strategies were enacted, often subversive towards the figurative pedestal.

Declassified series


Executive Order 13526 series is developed from released, but redacted, FBI files on UFO’s. The works consider the value of redaction as an intentional strategy, a void which allows for infinite reconsideration and conspiracy, which tempts cultural monumentalization.

Mass Ornament/Elegy series


Mass Ornament/Elegy series takes the form of conceptual minimalism, loading each shape with intention: such as the square footage of a defunct auto plant converted to inches in area, marked and burned, measured in centimeters and applied to the dewey decimal system to achieve new meaning. The work draws from readings of Kracauer’s “Mass Ornament,” “Dark Matter” by Gregory Sholette, and “Are you Working Too Much?” by E-flux journals.


Le Bore series






Roswell Museum, Roswell, NM
Feb. 22- April 7, 2013



Texas Biennial 2013 Exhibit
5&J Gallery, Lubbock, Texas
September 5 -22, 2013


Safe: Preverbal intimacy

Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed

BLUEorange, Houston, Texas
December 13, 2013 – January 22, 2014




The Art Foundation

The Art Foundation

Altered States: fundraiser for Robert Andrade’s Ruined State(s) No. 2
Dallas, TX
February 9, 2013

semigloss magazine _ The Art Foundation

Article Published: “Fail Strong” semigloss. Magazine (May 31, 2013)

The Art Foundation-portraittext

Dallas Biennial 2012, vol 4
Online exhibition

DB12 and Tom Orr

DallasSITES, Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas, TX
July 19- August 18, 2013

TAF - Transmissions - Dystopian

Asteroid Belt of Trash Blocking Transmissions of Love
The Reading Room
Texas Biennial 2013
 Dallas, TX
September 6- October 6, 2013

Culture Laboratory Collective


Translatory Motion
Official Exhibition at NCECA Conference 2013: Earth/Energy, Houston, Texas
March 20 – 23, 2013

Translatory Motion
Larsen Gallery, Columbia College, Columbia Missouri
August 17 -September 27, 2013

Shreepad Joglekar_ Non-Resident Aline Encounter SIte No. 1

An Investigation of Extra-Terrestrial Issues for the Uninitiated
The Cube, Roswell, New Mexico
curated by Ryder Richards
Friday, May 3, 2013

iComm (det)

The Arts Gallery, Collin College, Plano, Texas
curated by Sue Anne Rische
August 2013

RJP Nomadic Gallery

Curated by Anna Walker
Houston Center for Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas
May 31- September 8, 2013


Roswell Artist-in-Residence

Roswell, NM
Sept. 2012- Sept. 2013

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Amarillo Entropy
The Power Station, Dallas
September 16 through 28, 2013

executive order 13526-jfk

Artists’ Commission
(curated by Sally Warren) Gray Matters, Dallas
November 22- December 14, 2013