• Art 2016

    Art 2016

    Series: Work/Play || DIY Trying || Authority || American Paintings/Drawings || EyewashSolo Exhibitions: a thing of this world, Laredo ||…

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  • Art 2015

    Art 2015

    Series: Subjective Machines || Shielded Fuck || Shield || Work/PlaySolo Exhibits: The Idyll, Houston || The Idyll, Fort Worth || a thing of this…

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  • Art 2014

    Art 2014

    2014 Series: Utopia: Practical Notions || Redaction/Reduction || Simulacra || Subjective MachinesSolo Exhibit: Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed Group Shows:…

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  • Art 2013

    Art 2013

    Series: Conflicted || Deposition || The Cube || Declassified || Mass Ornament/Elegy || Le BoreSolo Exhibits: Conflicted || Recompense || Conversations from the Museum of the UniformedGroup Shows: The…

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About Ryder

Ryder Richards is a North Dallas artist, writer, curator, former educator, and current podcaster who pursues ideas of conflict, bias, and paradoxes of individuality and society.

His podcast, Let us THINK about it, centers on social and philosophical reading to better understand great thinkers, current problems, and possible solutions.

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