Month: August 2015

  • Solo ~ a thing of this world [2015]

    Solo ~ a thing of this world [2015]

    a thing of this world Public Address [link] Brooklyn, New York August 1- 14, 2015 a thing of this world, Ryder Richards’ installation has evolved from researching civil power conflicts, primarily focusing on the relationship between police and citizens. Influenced by power/knowledge theory, the work uses the aesthetics of conflict while considering academic knowledge as a […]

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  • Essay~ Ian F. Thomas

    Essay~ Ian F. Thomas

    Catalog Essay Ian F. Thomas [2015] Considering the breadth and differentiation of styles in Thomas’ work, one may find convenient a conceptual handrail with which to navigate his variegated research and production processes. Predominantly, there is a need to make apparent the invisible roles of cultural production, both of the laborer and the artificiality of […]

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