Month: February 2012

  • Writing: “Terror from Above”

    “Terror From Above: Eric Eley’s Coincident Disruption” Feb 22, 2012 D Magazine Front Row “Investigating this relationship between avoidance and concealment Coincident Disruption divides the space, creating a transitional barrier between the viewer below and the space beyond. The respective roles assigned, the camouflage gives permission to ignore the sky and any troublesome doubts that may plague us; […]

  • Breech

    Breech, 2012 plastic, wood, graphite, gunpowder_ 7’x4’x3′

  • Writing: “Lost in Suburbia”

    Art Review: Lost in Suburbia: ‘Town and Country’ at Brand 10 Art Space D Magazine Front Row, Feb 15, 2012 Brand 10 Art Space, Fort Worth The moment one crosses the threshold of Brand 10 for the “Town and Country” exhibit, a confounding interior/exterior dilemma ensues: urban street noise ceases and you walk smack into a fence. […]