• Art 2024

    Art 2024

    Series: {AI}lice & DALL-E || DrawingExhibits: The $#!% Show, Lubbock || {AI}lice in DALL-E Land, CanyonEvent: “Art and AI” Lecture,…

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  • Art 2023

    Art 2023

    Series: Drawings | Paintings Exhibits: $#!% Show | Tex-US | 150 years/150 artists | Reconnect | Sandlot | ExtraResidency: Stoveworks…

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  • Art 2022

    Art 2022

    Art Series: Sculpture:: Graft // ShieldDrawing:: Balls (coming soon)Art exhibit: LHCUA 25 years / Roswell Museum Fundraiser Graft Shield (1…

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  • Art 2021

    Art 2021

    series: Drawing, Painting || Sculpture residency: Stoveworks, Chattanooga (July) Drawing “cognitive capitalism’s psychopathology: commodification, pollution, and the story of ass-cent”…

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About Ryder

Ryder Richards is a North Dallas artist, writer, curator, former educator, and current podcaster who pursues ideas of conflict, bias, and paradoxes of individuality and society.

His podcast, Let us THINK about it, centers on social and philosophical reading to better understand great thinkers, current problems, and possible solutions.

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