Review: Culture Laboratory’s “Co: Modify” exhibit - “Co-Modify: Culture Lab Collective” at Victoria’s Nave Museum


“Anything can be made better by deep-frying it,” he writes in his artist statement. Richards’s piece, Fried Gold: Best Idea Ever, is the highlight of Co-Modify, on view at Victoria’s Nave Museum through January 21. The piece consists of four battered and deep fried, gold-plated necklaces hung on an otherwise bare gallery wall. What better symbol of vapid, self-destructive consumer gluttony in a year when deep fried butter was the biggest hit at the Texas State Fair?  The fact that the necklaces are not even solid gold, but gold-plated, drives the point home even further—the “gold” is really just a base alloy with a surface-level gilding—its depth measured in micrometers. Even the fried batter coating is thicker than the layer of gold.

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For images of the exhibit and a statement on my pieces: Co: Modify

Thanks to Harbeer for taking time to review the exhibit.


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